But I’m not going to bother them about Lonely Planet stuff today because they have probably been bombarded about all sorts of questions over the years about the guides, so I don’t need to add to them!. The Planet Wheeler Foundation. ... making the couple worth a tidy $190 million. Last updated at 21:24 19 October 2007 Planet Wheeler is based in Melbourne, Australia, and most of our funding is allocated to Southeast Asia, East and West Africa, Nepal and Afghanistan. BBC Worldwide bought 75 percent of their share of the company in 2007 and their remaining 25 percent in February 2011, bringing the couple's net worth to $190 million. Fast forward a few years and he was leading the company globally working with companies such as Google X, Nokia and Amazon on the latest technology, creative cultures and high performing teams. In 2007, the Wheelers sold Lonely Planet to the BBC and by his own reckoning, his net worth is now “over $100 million”. Sir Joseph Banks is the travel companion of choice for Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler. Lonely Planet has sold more than 145 million travel guidebooks but its fortunes turned in recent years with competition from websites like TripAdvisor. By ROBERT HARDMAN. Peter Kindersley and his family are worth £112m, up £10m from last year according to the supplement. Toted by travellers across the globe, Lonely Planet has printed more than 100 million books in nine languages, mapping out tourist trails from Austria to Antarctica. In 2007, they (together with investor John Singleton) sold 75% of Lonely Planet to BBC Worldwide for an undisclosed sum that several news outlets reported was in the neighborhood of £90 million. The world is our oyster: The Lonely Planet founders' plans after £45m BBC sell-off. Brad Kelley, a Kentucky native and a farmer's son, built a fortune from discount cigarettes. Q&A with Lonely Planet Founder Tony Wheeler ... a site that tracks celebrities' net worths, estimates he and Maureen are worth $168 million), Wheeler, 66, … He built Commonwealth Brands, maker of USA Gold and Malibu cigarettes, and sold it for $1 billion in 2001. The Planet Wheeler Foundation is a private family foundation established in 2008 by Maureen and Tony Wheeler, founders of Lonely Planet Publications.. [citation needed] His books since Lonely Planet include Bad Lands and Unlikely Destinations. The founder of the Dorling Kindersley group, he … By the age of 22, he had dropped out of uni, hitchhiked South America, set up his first business and landed his dream job at Lonely Planet.
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