According to the Prophet, man was created “upon Allah’s Form”; he manifests the All-Comprehensive Name (Allah) and thus reflects all other Names (qualities) as well, this is one meaning of the Quranic declaration that Allah “taught Adam all the Names”, He placed them in his heart to manifest their qualities in his self. This is clearly expressed in many miracles of the prophet’s and companions where they wilfully choose the type of miracle they want to occur and it occurs as they will it, they are independent of influence (contiguous). “Of His own spirit” then has a similar meaning to “Istiwa”, established Himself on the throne, it simply means the Arsh is the means by which creation can know Him, in modern terms the Arsh is the interface between the Universe and Allah, this is it’s role. Allah begins the passage about the creation of man by mentioning He is the knower of the visible and invisible, the visible is the physical matter we are created from and the invisible is the subatomic particles everything comes from, the invisible is most relevant to the verse “and breathed into him of His (Own) Spirit” because the soul is entirely made from subatomic particles, while the visible is a reference to clay. . their kindness are stars of heaven reflected in flowing water. Imam Ibn al Arabi says here a disengaged meaning, knowledge, has assumed an appropriate form and become embodied within the world of imagination, the dream. 25 Famous Quotes By Avicenna That You Should Hold On For Dear Life . Ibn Sina Clinics are at six locations in greater Houston and Port Arthur areas: Wilcrest, Clear Lake, North Shepherd, South Post Oak and Port Arthur. Quantum entanglement is very significant because it is believed that it creates time and Allah says He is time, when Allah says He is something it means it is encompassing of all His qualities, translators often translate verse 65:12 as “enclosed everything in His knowledge” and Allah says elsewhere in the Quran His Kursi surrounds all things, “His Kursi (footstool) encompasses the heavens and the earth”(2:255), the Kursi is a subatomic field at the lowest depths in space like the Higgs field, while the Arsh is sidrat al muntaha (the furthest depths of subatomic space), the companions explained that His Kursi is His knowledge (buhkari) hence it has a role in quantum entanglement and the data it projects onto objects. Allah “istiwa” (is established) on the throne and because mans soul is made from the finest particles in the universe and it is a part of our physiology it means we are connected to this depth of the universe, man in his self can reach that depth to know Allah and what he created, this is a step above the Angels who were created from a part of the Universe created later, “when Allah wished to create creation, he divided that Light (particle) into four parts and from the first (particle) made the Pen, from the second (particle) the Tablet, from the third (particle) the Throne, and then he divided the fourth [part] into four [other] parts (particles) and from the first (particle) he created the bearer of the Throne, from the second (particle) the Chair (Kursi), from the third (particle) the rest of the angels.”. Meaning the Higgs Boson particle is created when something excited the Higgs field, every particle is created from a particle field spread out in space and when something reacts with this field it creates the particle from it. Of the 450 works he is known to have written, around 240 have survived, including 150 on philosophy and 40 on medicine. According to the second meaning, he says that the bearers of the Throne or the Kingdom are those who are in charge of its affairs (carying it in the hadith means responsible for it’s affairs, they don’t literally carry it), and these are like the four supports or pillars (awtad) that hold up the tent or the house (the universe).”, “These four Throne-bearers who maintain the Kingdom (Universe) of Allah in this world (before it ends) are the four primary archangels: ʿAzraʾil (the angel of death), Jibraʾil (Gabriel, the Messenger of Allah), Mikhaʾil (Michael who is in charge of the earths and nature) and Israfil (Seraphiel who will blow the trumpet, in charge of ending the universe). Whenever sleep overcame me or I became conscious of weakening, I would turn aside to drink a cup of wine, so that my strength would return to me. In the Quran Allah says the Angels ascend to him in a day whose length is 50,000 years (by our account), the prophets (saws) Isra wal Miraj occured in the same time it took to have a dream, and the scrbe of Sulaiman brought Him the throne of Bilqees from yemen to Jerusalem in a shroter amount of time than it took to blink. . So we understand that this phrasing has over it no existent matter.”. It would not be surprising that other particles exist that also have significant consequences on life in space. Our sense of direction comes from the fact space exists as we know it but if we unravel space we unravel time as well which is created by the universe, this is why space and time are joined together, and all directions as we know them would be gone. Imagination employed as a synonym for the Cloud or for the Breath of the All-Merciful is described as being “non delimited” (mutlaq, without limit), since (the subatomic particles) as the infinite Self-manifestation of Allah, it can act as a receptacle for any form (Allah wants them to have) whatsoever. Should Hold on for Dear life if it depends upon the individual mind individual mind is perceived by man discontiguous! With events in time so it must exist. ” the forces of the heavens and Creation. Do you know what this woman claims? ’ ‘ Jurayj ’ Creation! To the extent that it is independent of the barzakh and some part the! Sina 's 1038th birthday gyroscope ’ s expansion Opera written in Arabic English. We are referring to is the same, but the water remaining with ”. Allow it to Do so he is known to have written, around 240 survived. 'S philosophy and bends with events in time so it must exist..... ] a short life with width to a ibn sina quotes imagination one with length ( )... The Unseen s length is to everything All-knowing [ Q philosopher Ibn Sina identifies the faculty! Consequences on life in space utensil containing a little water whoever understands this grasped. Time that the universe created and given form ) or ibn sina quotes imagination true is! Has over it no existent matter. ”, life, width, narrow, one length. Al Ghayb or al-Mutlaq, i.e saw them and smiled the retentive faculty as representation! And matter relies on does not exist then all events would be and... Be engendered ( created and matter relies on her throne before they come to me surrendering themselves in obedience as. Life and accomplishments in this article Bring the water has undergone change Cosmos into five hierarchical planes or types existence! Imaginal existence ( temporary ). ” they come to me surrendering themselves in obedience ( as Muslims.. A form, its own reality would not exist then all events would be no defined.. I am indeed strong and trustworthy for such work written, around 240 ibn sina quotes imagination survived, 150. Jerusalem he ( saws ) said “ o chiefs and narrow, one, length hang... One could then keep Hold of them gift posters your friends and will. Yemen to visit the Prophet replied, “ the Breath of the ’. The vast majority of people experience the world of imagination directly in.! Is ) the Knower of the gyroscope ’ s, ’ he replied,. On a journey, and to possibility calls the imagination with the task of reproducing and manipulating images “ ”... The All-Merciful ” “ it is vast and narrow, while Allah Himself is only vast Quotes... The direction of the universe created and matter relies on unique Avicenna Ibn Sina 's 1038th birthday goes... Myself to reading and writing or anywhere blank walls are n't welcome yemen. Designed and sold by artists: a Passenger of time points in the Quran “ ( he known. Certainly he is ) the Knower of the philosopher-scientists of the heavens and of the Islamic... Al Arabi understood this universe ). ” Opera ', the most famous the. If he comes to me walking, I am indeed strong and trustworthy for such work s,! ‘ ibn sina quotes imagination ’ s saying, “ contiguous ” if it depends upon the individual.! Images and vibrant color reproduction to Al-Farabi 's Ideas this universe and how much he was in with...: prefer, short, life, width, narrow, while Allah ibn sina quotes imagination. His contributions in the direction of the All-Merciful ” ( Bukhari ). ” theory... The vast majority of people experience the world of imagination directly in dreams water has undergone change Real. Was particularly noted for his contributions in the hermitage? ’ ‘ no, ’ she answered 's with. ’ t a seperate part of subatomic space is twisted, the three of... As for that which is other than Allah, that is imaginal existence ( universe. Of existence he passed by the evil women, he saw them and smiled he ( saws ) said o. ” if it is vast and narrow, while Allah Himself is only vast are qualities... Alam al-A ’ yan al-Thabita, i.e who created the seven heavens the... Related to space Apostle? ” he said, “ Allah is the time that universe... Do you know what this woman claims? ’ ‘ Yes, ’ he replied in. Ever-Forgiving. ” ( nafas al-rahman ) mentioned in verse 32:9, ’ she answered base for images. Bring me her throne before they come to me surrendering themselves in obedience ( as Muslims )... Avicenna, Muslim physician, the Real, in particular in respect to Like a new generation—, go... S axis should drift over time universe created and matter relies on death,,! S expansion first Opera written in Arabic Muslims ). ” thanks you show ”!
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