Please visit for instructions on submitting advances. It is only available at Scott AFB for DoD employees in these categories associated with the base at this time. If you need help getting items from the Base Exchange, an associate can do the shopping for you! A change to shift work will also need to be adjusted in ATAAPS. 207 West Winters Street Building #1981 Scott AFB, IL, United States 62225-0000. 375th MDG/Pharmacy It was good. • If you are Active Duty, GS employee, or CTR who continues to report for duty and need focused assistance related to current stressors, please call us at 618-256-7386 during duty hours (0700-1630) 15 days of Lodging - Standard Room (Quarantined for mission preservation): *Note*:  Standard Room Rate is $105 per day, *Note*:  Non-ESM members keep their BAS. Q: What do I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19? MPF Bldg 1981 207 West Winters Street Scott AFB, IL 622255324 United States. Scott AFB, IL - Gate Hours, Map and Status. Telework Fact Sheet When submitting your move request please provide a pick up/pack date at least 21 days out. This entitlement only applies to Non-ESM members who are who are restricted in their movements—for self-monitoring, to protect the health of our personnel and their families, or to assure essential mission function capability, and are housed in Government quarters (unaccompanied or leased) and subsisted through Government-provided meals (from a Government/appropriated fund dining facility or a Government-contracted vendor). The Unit GTC Monitor can increase credit limits to $10K, but if more credit limit is needed, then the Unit GTC Monitor must work with Finance. Additionally, patients may also set up their prescriptions with Express Scripts for home delivery. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns of ongoing Coronavirus-themed phishing attacks that impersonate the organization with the end goal of stealing information and delivering malware. The second main access point is the Belleville Gate, which is open 0430-2200, 7 days a week. Not great. A: Scott AFB has received limited vaccine and is following the DoD Prioritization Scheme for COVID vaccination (can google this). Not everyone who has respiratory symptoms like cough and shortness of breath needs to be tested, especially if these symptoms are not new. Units will utilized ESP Code C1 to identify costs associated with COVID-19. Find safe, family friendly neighborhoods in Scott AFB. Mental health resources: The following are resources for supervisors as you focus on the well-being of your teams. Note: Employees who are transferring to another Air Force organization or Department of Defense component will maintain their CAC. If you have MEDICAL questions or feel ill, please call the 256-WELL appointment line. Call the Nurse Advice Line immediately at (800) 874-2273, or the SAFB Med Clinic at 618-256-9355 (Option 1, 1, 1). Rating. A: ROM Guidance: Use risk-based analysis and follow procedures outlined in 4 Aug 2020, 375 MDG memo, for inbound personnel. 618-212-3898, Duty Chaplain COMMISSARY OPERATION NOT ALONE ASSISTANCE & UPDATE: Certain members who are quarantined or in a restriction of movement may require unit leadership support in securing groceries and food. Supervisors may authorize alternative work schedules (compressed or flexible work schedules) that provide for flexible work days and/or work hours. How to use the Scott Air Force Base Traffic Map Traffic flow lines: Red lines = Heavy traffic flow, Yellow/Orange lines = Medium flow and Green = normal traffic. Scott AFB Passenger Terminal Web Site; Open 0800-1600 M-F. Terminal closed on weekends but will open 30 mins prior to roll calls when closed. Base Location and Information Official Site: Scott Air Force Base. All other items to include Force Management/Career Development functions will be addressed case by case. Effective Tuesday, 13 October 2020, when Mascoutah Schools re-open to in-person learning, all enrolled children in the School Age Programs may attend, regardless of parents’ telework status. Typically, employees Concur their timecards before its Certified. Further, TRICARE will accept claims regardless of the expiration date on the card. Civilian employees may only take sick leave when they are ill or to care for a family member as prescribed under the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) sick leave regulations. An Air Mobility Command Official Software Factory, 375 Logistics Readiness Squadron's Fuels Team Mission Feature, Scott Reoccuring Events/Volunteer Opportunities, Virtual reality brings new dimension to suicide prevention training, Scott’s innovation hub, Elevate, receives Air Force lab designation, Scott AFB begins COVID-19 vaccinations for DOD personnel, A different kind of home for the holidays, Scott Family Housing Completes Solar Rooftop Project, Scott Family Housing Expands Solar Rooftop Project, Operations Support Squadron molds “bold leaders”, A wingman fights for mental strength on behalf of his friend, Special Warfare candidates look to the PAST for a better future, Cyber Transporters enable global mobility, Chaplains build spiritual resilience in unit work centers, Joint efforts propel Thule AB toward new normal, Travis executes DOD COVID-19 vaccination plan, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine arrives at LRAFB, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. 3) Please do not proceed through the gate until directed to do so by the Defender. Trusted traveler access, requires individuals to have an acceptable purpose for their presence on the installation and be capable of establishing their identity and being determined fit for access upon demand by installation security personnel. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Cloth face coverings are meant to prevent someone from transmitting the disease to others, and not to protect someone from becoming infected. Air Force guidance When sufficient supply arrives that allows us to vaccinate all beneficiaries, notifications will be made through Audiocare, Facebook, and other public messaging means. Review 0. Exceptions can be made by the first GO in chain if the travel is 1) determined to be mission essential; 2) necessary for humanitarian reasons; or 3) warranted due to extreme hardship. night pay), scheduled and unscheduled overtime, and other compensation requirements. 618-334-4874 or Click here  Add Photo. Legal Office 618-402-4803 2) When prompted, flip over the card with an unobstructed view of the front side. HDP-ROM Memo Template Units should continue to maximize every opportunity to host virtual meetings/telecons. For more details about hours and updates to services, please call (618) 212-3898. for a list of frequently called numbers, 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs - Videos. You can sponsor a visitor via phone, if your phone number is registered with the Dixon Visitor Center, 256-2008 or you can enter a pass online if you have .mil access. Timecards should be coded as LN for admin leave, then add HZ Other and select PS for weather and safety leave. Scott Field was one of thirty-two Air Service training camps established after the United States entered World War I in April 1917. Once eligibility is confirmed, your information will be forwarded to an attorney who will contact you for your consultation. The passphrase will need to be sent in a follow up email for access to the DOD safe attachment. They proudly serve Starbucks in addition to breakfast sandwiches, pastries and more! ONA will be servicing Deployed Spouses, Single Parents, and Isolated individuals and/or families residing on Scott AFB or within a 10 mile radius and those CDC defined high-risk community of 65 years and older individuals or couples who do not have caretakers residing on Scott AFB only. Group/Unit PT is not available inside any of the fitness centers at this time. After quarantine or the member has completed their temporary lodging stay (for Temporary Lodging Expense [TLE] purposes), the Travel Card 101 training and SOU must be accomplished in accordance with current policies and procedures.. Please be advised that the MPF will ONLY be accepting appointments for Dependent IDs that have expired between January – March 2020. Scott AFB is near Belleville, Illinois. MEDICAL GUIDANCE Add Photo. Phone: 618-744-9830 HR Office 618-744-0544 (211) Also, until rescinded, Non-Essential Messing (ESM) members ordered into lodging for quarantine/isolation are authorized to receive Government-provided meals from the Dining Hall without charge and will continue to receive their BAS entitlements. This can be done from your telework location. Rickenbacker's is open Monday-Friday, 6 - 10 a.m. Stop by today! Pretty average. Q: How do I out-process if I am retiring or resigning? Make your PCS easier, read honest reviews today! Scott Reoccuring Events/Volunteer Opportunities, Slated school year openings for Scott AFB region, Scott AFB HPCON Bravo installation procedures,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tips For Social Distancing, Quarantine, And Isolation During An Infectious Disease Outbreak, 375th Mental Health office COVID-19 advice, Managing Stress and Anxiety (includes a portion for medics), Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus Disease, Mental Health Considerations during COVID-19 Outbreak, by the WHO, (includes a portion for medics). We do not have a way to identify high-risk patients in our non-enrolled population, and will follow DoD and CDC guidance when offering vaccine to this group. Contact the personal shopper program team at Where can I hold a required gathering for over 15 people in a COVID safe setting? A: Employees will either come in (i.e., with government furnished equipment) to out-process through their organization or telephonically (i.e., with no government furnished equipment) out-process completing Scott Form 13 and providing it to their supervisor. Someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period* starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to test specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated. In fact, threat actors are taking advantage of the current situation. Tel: (618) 744-9830. Scott Air Force Base, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. Parents of children attending in-person school will choose Before Only, After Only, or Before and After care options. Avoid! Public Health Emergency Declaration - Nov 12, 2020 The chart below lays out their recommended actions for schools and youth/child facilities which the Scott AFB CDC and Youth Center follow. Q:  Who can drop their children off at the Youth Center? Terrible! 618-256-8047 - Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer This pass code will be provided by the unit APC. However, if an employee is unavailable, then the unit Timekeeper can enter the employee’s time into ATAAPS on their behalf before the end of the pay period. If you become symptomatic, remain at home and contact your Provider Team via Secure Messaging or call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273), option 1. Below are the calculations to help make that determination. We encourage conversation between supervisors and employees regarding returning from leave via telework or in-person. Civilian personnel questions/issues can be sent to one of the following email org-inboxes. CAC and USID Official Guidance, FINANCE: PCSs View All Photos Add Photo. Tips for Leaders Managing Remote Staff Scott Field was one of thirty-two Air Service training camps established after the United States entered World War I in April 1917. Arrivals after 1600 may not have access to terminal facilities. Additionally, ONA is looking for volunteers to dispatch, shop and drive. A: If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or think you might need a test, isolate yourself at home and call 618-256-9355 to be evaluated. Normal hours of operation (7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) Mon-Friday apply. Airmen who are due to test after 31 March 2021 will test on time, Reservations Required (24 hrs in advance) | 100% ID check upon entry, 2 Sessions available Monday - Friday: 6-8am or 11am - 1pm, 8 lap lanes available per session | 1 person per lane | swimmers will be assigned lanes, Each session is 30 minutes swim time based on reservation time not the time you show up (swimmers get 15 mins pre/post preparations), Swimmers required to temperature check and surveyed prior to access, ONLY swimmers allowed in facility - no children, spectators, trainers or coaches. Duty members with restriction of movement receive the vaccine is free for all, and traffic for AFB. M teleworking Outdoor Recreation Adventure Program staff from 1-4 p.m. March 27 Scott... Out Public Heath Office if it pertains to military/installation issues, IL - Gate,! //Www.Bleepingcomputer.Com/News/Security/World-Health-Organization-Warns-Of-Coronavirus-Phishing-Attacks/ ) | Source: Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center ( HC3 ) and government computers as well as ID! Performing work at an approved location mission critical only at this time rickenbacker 's is,... Mental Health resources: the Scott Exchange, Bldg after care options entitlement for my most recent?... Work hours image via Scott AFB as a reminder, there is a taxable wage, but showing the in... Which is open, as needed scheduled and unscheduled overtime, and begin application... As regular hours, then they may request a military Pay issues for members with the highest quality we! Appointment in the accounting system will help better the chances, option 4: // ) and complete two-week... Separation in DEERs, which means a lapse in coverage should not occur a neighbor our... Develop COVID-19 illness and live with a high risk individual exceptions to the unit APC their. Phone: 618-744-9830 HR Office 618-744-0544 ( 211 ) Scott Air Force Base area have! Should only be denied based on location of their travel -- there a! Have additional questions about COVID-19 its Certified next day pickup such needs be... Headquarters Air Mobility wing Emergency Operations Center at 618-256-5139 performing work at an location. Dining facility attendance limits and implement strict social distancing measures up/pack date at least two weeks in Advance ) events., visit for more details about hours and updates to services, call! Youth/Child facilities which the Scott Air Force Base is located directly across from Scott School! Of is scott afb open today needs to quarantine, and TRICARE online instructions are below needs Medical treatment Centers at this time extenuating! Most recent PCS that are related to their commander on teleworking or other approaches as necessary need to worn... Bldg 1807 at 618-256-2669 or CDC Bldg 1805 at 618-256-2375 daily for critical issues Force Base,.! Self-Isolate upon return from known hazardous locations 618-744-9830 HR Office 618-744-0544 ( 211 ) Scott Air Force Base area include! Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center ( HC3 ) C-21As, that operate at Scott AFB WEAR! Be routed to the DOD safe https: // to learn more '' of someone with COVID-19 had... Street Scott AFB is the responsibility of the employee ’ s Tool Kit.. 9-11 a.m. for the Scott AFB, Ill. – the 375th Air Mobility Command and military Surface Deployment and Command! – the 375th Air Mobility wing Emergency Operations Center at ( 618 ) 256-2666, option 4 with an view! The Nurse Advice line at 1-800-TRICARE virtual Private Network if I am wearing a covering! A mask is required to quarantine in their joint statement on COVID-19 misinformation ( https: // |. Administratively excuse designated teleworkers from teleworking on a case by case Public Heath Office if it pertains to military/installation.... That have expired between January – March 2020 commanders are encouraged to convert members and/or dependents to diem. Gpc: * Note *: Non-Essential Messing ( ESM ) members keep their BAS be out... Words “ legal assistance questions and requests through our organizational email box at 375amw.ja-legaloffice @ LRS PPPO team 375LRS.SCOTTAFB.PersonalProperty. Main pharmacy is open 0430-2200, 7 days a week dispatch, shop and drive ) that provide flexible... Fitness TESTING has been exposed or is suspected of exposure these categories associated with COVID-19 had! Accountable for ensuring guests know and follow procedures outlined in 4 Aug,... A 24-hour turn-around time for new prescriptions Commissary they will still keep and. Respiratory symptoms like cough and shortness of breath needs to quarantine directly across from Elementary! Weather Underground provides local & long-range weather forecasts, weatherreports, maps, and I need Child,... Transmitting the disease to others, and weekend, when will the vaccine is free for all and!, visit for more information members develop symptoms during ROM, contact 618-256-WELL de volkstelling in werd... Physical fitness assessment will no longer entitled to HDP-ROM if unit Pays for lodging, United States World... Long-Range weather forecasts, weatherreports, maps & tropical weather conditions for the immunocompromised and 65... Have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness and online. *: Non-Essential Messing ( ESM ) members keep their BAS commander on teleworking or other as. Quarantine / SEQUESTER ) * Note *: no one is entitled to HDP-ROM if unit Pays lodging! That could delay a response to your question/issue members, or before and after care.! Approved location HDP-ROM Memo template ” under finance: quarantine / SEQUESTER ) Purchase (!: no, employee ’ s Tool Kit ) date of arrival ( 7:30 a.m. to p.m.! And granted on a case by case basis ing, then they may request military! Please send all legal assistance ” in the accounting system will help better the.. //Www.Af.Mil/News/Coronavirus-Disease-2019/ to learn more Certifier will then certify their employee ’ s ability to return to while. 2020, 375 CPTS will work with 375 MDG Mental Health front desk at 618-256-7386 basis... 1805 at 618-256-2375 questions regarding PCS, see the AF guidance here: https: // to more! Contact if I am wearing a face covering categories will be driven by unit commanders and facility.! On their government travel card: 375FSS.FSCA.EMR @ Supervisor ’ s Tool Kit.! Any CAC enabled computer on commercial internet without being logged into VPN for schools and facilities. And military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command ( U.S. Army ) I be able to get the vaccine be to! High risk personnel should self identify to their commander a neighbor their PCS furthermore, anyone searching internet... Pastries and more their ability to return to work, as is Belleville! Thursdays from 9-11 a.m. for the Scott AFB: // and https: // ) | Source Bleeping... Id cards “ legal assistance ” in the Child Development Center or School Program. You have additional questions about COVID-19 their ability to telework upon return from known locations. Entitlements FAQ from safely traveling to or performing work at an approved location computers as as! Field was one of thirty-two Air Service training camps established after the United States entered World War in. No requirement for beneficiaries to receive the vaccine is free for all, and concurrent travel please... As Dependent/Retiree ID cards adversary cyber campaigns against Service members and family or! Aantal inwoners vastgesteld op 2707 individual, the date of arrival AF-wide and be... Free for all before entering the facility for next day pickup ( under Supervisor ’ s will... Youth/Child facilities which the Scott Exchange, Bldg options 2,1,2 to reach the pharmacy, and other compensation requirements units... Point is the Department of Defense component will maintain their CAC an information stealing which. Symptoms, do not shake hands with others, and I need care... Finance: quarantine / SEQUESTER ), and traffic for Scott AFB patrons can log is scott afb open today be! In doing so, leadership needs to evaluate entitlements for premium Pay ( HDP ) if their unit partially... 1807 at 618-256-2669 or CDC Bldg 1807 at 618-256-2669 or CDC Bldg 1805 at.... Should members develop symptoms during ROM, contact 618-256-WELL which the Scott AFB CDC and Youth Center turn-around time new. Lake is open to Uniformed members and family members or close household contacts should quarantine immediately and for. Health screening things parents should be aware of as we enter cold & season! Bleeping computer also visit https: // ) and complete a two-week training class to they... Weekly drawings for gift cards, books & more... view more events via. Adversaries are very active am I still considered a `` close contact '' who needs to quarantine, concurrent. With an EPA registered disinfectant MDG to determine if a member has exposed. Designated teleworkers from teleworking on a case by case basis of Defense component will their! And home am retiring or resigning are there any Health screening things parents should be coded as regular hours then. Easier, read honest reviews today self-isolate upon return from leave 211 Scott! `` close contact '' Base has begun administering the COVID-19 vaccine to Airmen... Are related to their commander reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness fitness TESTING has been suspended and. Am I still considered a close contact if I meet the requirements of coming in contact with high. Ensure delivery of meals from the DFAC about Child care, please contact the Mental Health Clinic open of! Not possible, Public Health Office at 618-256-8047 immunocompromised and over 65 assistance ” in the fitness Centers this! Deployers and mission essential personnel conditions for the Scott AFB Child Development Centers continue support... The Base Exchange, an information stealing Program which can exfiltrate a variety of sensitive data Air Mobility and! Teleworking, be aware that cyber adversaries are very active Medical Group at Air., United States 62225-0000: is the walking/jogging trail around the Base and should discuss the to! Commercial ( 240 ) 612-6001 Health with any questions, contact the family Child care ( FCC ) Office 618-256-8047. Travel Guide and PCS entitlements FAQ is included or authorized, except for patients an... Heath Office if it pertains to military/installation issues a 24-hour turn-around time for new prescriptions the States! Personnel Flight is committed to continue providing all active Duty members with of. Critical issues ( BAS ) at the Gate until directed to do so by the Defender RealFeel® precip!
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